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Should have a block option and a turn off comments option

This App needs a block or ignore option for those users whom are offended by other's comments and a turn off comments option too, I had a user, a woman comment , which didn't use her real name to pay me back for my comment I had made, if you desire popularity , keep losing people , but, I'd just lose the comments section, and the social media aspect it altogether , keep the political stuff and news stuff off the App as well and more scripture based articles on it

Great app with a few hiccups

I am logged in but the app will not allow me to post my prayers for the last several days. I can use all other functions of the app but not my prayer section. I’ve posted a pray daily since the beginning of year 2018 and for the last couple of days I can’t post a prayer. Otherwise the app is wonderful. I’ve become accustomed to using it and feel like I am missing something daily because I can’t post a prayer. Overall, I like the app. Thanks for sharing a useful app.

I love this app

I actually love this app . I been on here everyday all day . But one question for the last few days I been trying to post a prayer and it’s not letting me post any prayers at all . Can someone help me or see what’s going on please and thank you god bless

Wonderful App

This really is a wonderful app. I do not like that it cost to remove ads ESPECIALLY because of the grammatical errors I find EVERY SINGLE DAY IN ONE OF THE READINGS. You would think for an app that is going to charge you just to remove ads one wouldn’t have to figure out what correct word is meant to go there. Sometimes the errors are so bad I have to read it several times to understand. Even the Bible Trivia questions have grammatical errors. Also Bible Trivia’s wording of the questions can be very misleading and confusing. I’ve also gotten coins taken away when I’ve won. I’ve also won but never got credited the coins. I would love to get rid of the ads but there’s no way I’m going to pay for something that all effort is not in. The moderator or whoever it is that proof reads is not thorough.


I was proud of the many days I was reading in a row. This week the app went back to 0 days twice and I can’t understand how or why. It was exciting and enjoyable to open up this app every morning and being impressed as the days upwarded. I will continue reading each day, only the day count madebit more incentive.


In one of the push notices I received before I deleted the App, it said that I would be an adulterous if I developed a Spiritual friendship with a male even if he does not live in the area. Wow! Interesting enough the male is off the hook! My Spiritual relationships are grounded in the Spirit and not my sexuality. How dare anyone imply that I’m an adulterous!

Ability to share image

Is there the capability to save images in order to share with other?


I absolutely love everything about this app!

Great Bible App

The only thing I have a problem with is the Bible Trivia game... 10+ times I’ve won a game and it took points away instead of giving them to me... not just a game for me... it is also a teaching of the Bible... but if I can’t play it stops me from learning and researching... needs bug fixed! Thank you!

Bible Review

Awesome learning tool.

Love this app

I love this app but there are glitches. I’ve been on day 41 for the past week. There’s new readings everyday but the days I’ve been connected isn’t changing.

Great App! Jesus’s Love is amazing

There is a great deal of learning and other potential that can be harnessed and increased for the greater good of humanity all by using this app and putting your trust and faith in the Lords care one day at a time.

Something’s up with default time settings

App das some good features to remind you of verse of day and devotions. Verse was set for 6 PM but went off at 6 AM. Devotion set to 7 AM, but I don’t think that went off. Turning off for no. Signed, Still Sleepy

Absolutely Love

This app is great for those who need a little help when it comes to starting or even sticking with a routine of prayer, study and devotional time. It’s like having an awesome spiritual buddy with you all the time.

This is Great

I love this app.

21 Minute Bible

Paid to have the advertising free app, but still getting them. What exactly did I pay for?

Proof read the study Bible assignment for Lent

I’m doing the study Bible for Lent and I’m stuck on day 11. It says read Exodus 1:15-26. The verse stops at 22. I even switched to different types of books and they all stop at 22. So now it won’t let me continue the Lent study Bible. ☹️☹️☹️

Counting your days

Overall the app is ok,the app loses track of the total days you use the app. Inconsistent in that category!! Not sure why it does that!!!!

Took away every feature I like

No ability to switch versions read side by side and it pushes its bible reading plan ad nauseas. Incredibly frustrating

What sense

How can one be too busy to read the Bible yet not to read it on a phone... no sense


The KJV bible has everything you need to sincerely push your faith forward. However, what caught my eye and kept the app on my phone is the illustrious design of the apps logo. It was BOLD just like the boldness to offer only the straight forward message of the KJV, ONLY. But now its this bland, pointless magenta face like all the others laking boldness to be what it is. ~DR.

Changes needed

Need to make it easier to change color of text

Love this!

If you're someone who's busy most of the time but stills want to read the Bible full through this is the app for you, it gives you the option to bookmark verses so you can pick up right where you left off, also gives you a section where you can ask questions and get real answers from real people, share their knowledge and translations where you feel confused


It’s refreshing to read something before the day it started that is uplifting and spiritual.


Enjoy this app !


Too many pop-up adds.


The verse is started to keep me out of that well I Thank u


We need to think of our Lord every waking hour and take time to be Holy! In Jesus name we pray. Amen

My Admiration

Eye opening chapter by chapter and verse by verse. You can't beat God our Father giving. Thanks to this Bible website. It is tremendous and it gives us the best Mary

Disappointed that history from previous version did not come forward

Disappointed that history from previous version did not come forward. I used the older version for some time and looked forward to a daily verse, prayer and devotion. It would have been nice to be able to track that forward as a personal item on my account to reflect my 150+ days of devotion. Bug fix? Can’t even sign out and back in to see my stats or track. Can you fix this?


Excellent-especially when rushed and you want to get prayer and Word in.


All glory be to God our amazing savior! Thank you for all that you've done and continue to do. Amen! ❤️

Amen God

Very beautiful inspirations🙏❤️💙

Love it!

I really do love this app! Being that I am a busy mom I love the flexibility of being able to open it anytime. It's a great way to start the day and stay in touch throughout the week. I especially love the reminders!

Full of adssss😒

I like this Bible, and how it has the daily devotion and scripture, BUT, these ads are going to make me go nuts and delete it! 😩 every time I go to the app there is advertising; it's annoying. Other than that the app itself is good.

Love this app

I love this app. I love being able to read passages from the Bible during a busy day with kids. It makes it easy to have my devotion with God and to understand what I'm teading.


Everyday I read this app I do feel Gods presence and making me want to know more about him. This is a great way to know the Bible along with reading the good book and putting thoughts and ideas into use with what's going on in today's world and my life personally

Scriptures come right on time and exactly how I need them too

I love it

The Bible

I love it

Praise be to God

We love you Jesus. Awesome app.

I love it

So far it's opened it my eyes. God does see and know all. I hope my relationship with him grows more thanks to his app. Helping and explaining things


You choose me Lord; you offered eternal life; you forgave me of my sins. I am not deserving at all. In return help me to praise you and worship you alone. Thank you your love, Mercy and grace.

My GOD is an awesome GOD!

Inspirational food for thought. The only way to start your day. Amen.

Disciple of The One True God!!!

So far, so good! I'm a newbie so be gentle with me!

Good app but ads are offensive

I like the simple features of the app, but am not fond of some of the advertisers.

Great content too much marketing

I enjoy the daily verses etc. however I find the app has way too much advertising and marketing which is very distracting and as a result it's caused me to ignore the pop ups. I understand a free app needs to advertise but I have other bible apps and this one is way congested with marketing which is a dissatisfier for me.

Love Love Love

This app is amazing! I absolutely love it! The scriptures and thoughts are always on point and the prayers are just filled with the Holy Spirit. Love how you can save and take notes!! I love love love it ! ;)


Easy to use! A really wonderful blessing to read each day.


A great read for daily living, study and inspiration.

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